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Click me for more information 5:00 PM - Venue opens Friendlies/Casuals begin! 6:30 PM - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Singles. Double Elimination 7:00 PM - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax PS4. Double Elimination. 7:30 PM - BlazBlue Central Fiction PS4. Double Elimination. - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles. Double Elimination. Ruleset. 8:00 PM - Guilty Gear Strive PS4. Double Elimination. - The King of Fighters XV PS4. Double Elimination. 12:00 AM - CLOSED

Canadian Pro Series Finals   Special thanks to our sponsors for supporting the Canadian Pro Series   The Gaming Stadium, Collector Cups, Arozzi, Smash Forward and Matcherino.   The tournament will be held at The Gaming Stadium and it will also be streamed on their channel @   June 23rd   12:00 PM - Tekken 7 02:30 PM - BlazBlue Central Fiction 05:00 PM

  Didn't make it into the Canadian Pro Series for Smash Ultimate?   Here is your final chance!   The winner of this "Last Chance Qualifier" will make it into our Canadian Pro Series as the 12th and final seed.   The players who are qualified to the finals are banned from the Last Chance Qualifier   Lemmon Captain L Big D Ouch!? LetsTickle Focus Legit241 Zerango Agias Ktown Wagabooga     Schedule:   12:00 PM