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Vancouver Street Battle

Wednesday Warrior

Vancouver Street Battle presents…Wednesday Warriors!
A weekly tournament to compete in popular fighting games such as Street Fighter, Smash Bros, BlazBlue, and more!
05:00 PM – Doors Open!
07:00 PM – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Tekken 7
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]
08:00 PM – Granblue Fantasy Versus
Super Smash Bros Melee
09:00 PM – Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
BlazBlue: Central Fiction
12:00 AM – Closed
Venue Fee (1 Day, Walk-in):
$15.00 + GST
✔ Play at Vancouver Street Battle all day!
✔ Play PC Games in The Gaming Stadium’s LAN Room for only $5 more!
$69.00 + GST
✔ Valid for 30 days. Covers VSB Venue Fee for the duration!
✔ Receive 2 vouchers* for a FREE Weekday Session of PC Gaming at The Gaming Stadium! (1 Weekend Session = 1 Voucher + $5)
*Voucher expires in 30 days
Tournament Fee:
– Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: $2 Entry
– Tekken 7: $3 Entry
– Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]: Free Entry
– Granblue Fantasy Versus: Free Entry
– Super Smash Bros Melee: Free Entry
– Street Fighter V: Champion Edition: $5 Entry
– BlazBlue: Central Fiction: Free Entry
❌Players may not join multiple games within the same hour block (i.e. Joining Smash Ultimate = Cannot join Tekken 7 and Under Night)
Prizing 🥇🥈🥉:
🏅Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:
[$50 Prize Pool, Top 3 Payout of $30/$15/$5] + [Matcherino, Top 3 Payout of 60/30/10]
🏅Tekken 7:
[$40 prize pool, Top 3 Payout of $25/$10/$5] + [Matcherino, Top 3 Payout of 60/30/10]
🏅Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]:
[Matcherino, Top 3 Payout of 60/30/10]
🏅Granblue Fantasy Versus:
[Matcherino, Top 3 Payout of 60/30/10]
🏅Super Smash Bros Melee:
[Matcherino, Top 3 Payout of 60/30/10]
🏅Street Fighter V: Champion Edition:
[$70 prize pool, Top 3 Payout of $40/$20/$10] + [Matcherino, Top 3 Payout of 60/30/10]
🏅BlazBlue: Central Fiction:
[Matcherino, Top 3 Payout of 60/30/10]
You can add a FREE $0.50 to the prize pool of each game by redeeming the Matcherino codes below! Remember, you can use every code for every game in our roster, not just one!
Additional donations can be made via the store page by purchasing merch or direct donation!
Join Matcherino today and support your locals!
*Codes TBA*
A huge thank you to our sponsors!
Event Graphic by Project FLY!
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