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Vancouver Street Battle

Canadian Pro Series – Season 3 Finals

Can you believe we are already at Season 3 Finals of The Canadian Pro Series? This event is completely free to participate and spectate. There will be friendlies and warm up setups for all of scheduled games at this event. Instead of splitting up the days, we will be running all the finals on the same time.
This time we will be using two stream at the same time!
Come cheer on your friends, however if you cannot make it you can tune into our live stream @
Once again we would like to thank you to our sponsors The Gaming Stadium, Arozzi and The Collector Cup for making this happen!
12:30 PM – Doors Open
01:00 PM – BlazBlue Central Fiction Finals
01:30 PM – Mario Kart 8 Finals
02:30 PM – Super Smash Bros. Melee Finals
04:00 PM – Tekken 7 Finals
05:30 PM – Super Smash Bros. Smash Ultimate Finals
07:00 PM – Street Fighter V Finals
$500 for each tournament + Trophies and medals
Prizes: TBD
Prize Pool BreakDown:
Top 8 payout:
BlazBlue Central Ficiton: 200/100/75/50/25/25/12.50/12.50
Tekken 7: 200/100/75/50/25/25/12.50/12.50
Street Fighter V: 200/100/75/50/25/25/12.50/12.50
Melee: 200/100/75/50/25/25/12.50/12.50
Smash Ultimate: 200/100/75/50/25/25/12.50/12.50
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 200/100/75/50/30/20/15/10