On Jan 20th, 2020 we will have a stream dedicated to discussing VSB’s legacy and it’s history on stream. Clinton, Long, and Kenny will be recapping how VSB came to fruition and how it’s evolved to what it is today.


We will live streaming it on twitch.tv/vanstreetbattle @ 8:30 PM PST!


Some topics of discussion include events we have hosted outside of Vancouver Street Battle such as

  • Vancouver Battle Royale (Elements Hotel)
  • Fighting Games Challenge (Elements Casino)
  • AniRevo
  • RedBull Proving Ground (EXP Bar)
  • Geico SFV Amateur Tournament (PAX)
  • Vancouver Battle Royale Revival (River Rock Ball Room)
  • Vancouver Battle Royale Spring Champion (Lipont)
  • Pinnacle 2018
  • Pinnacle 2019


Along with an AMA with our staff and some future announcements which include


  • Air (Kenny) vs Jericho $100 Ryu Mirror Money Match
  • Canadian Pro Series Season 3 Finals Date
  • BashFest
  • Pinnacle 2020
  • A final special announcement presented with a special guest