Summoning all the Street Fighter OGs! Don’t just play at home and feel good about beating your friends, come out and show off your skills at our tournament and on live stream!
Vancouver Street Battle will be hosting retro Street Fighter night on December 20th, 2019!
We will be Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike tournament at this event.
There will be casual matches before and after the tournament.
The tournament stream will be live on @
Please bring your own controllers or fight sticks. There will be some loaner ones at VSB with limited quantities.
05:00 PM – Doors Open
07:00 PM – Super Street Fighter II Turbo
08:00 PM – Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
12:00 AM – Close
Playstation 4
Tournament format:
-Double Elimination Bracket
No Tournament Fee
Admission (Regardless you are playing or spectating)
Regular $12.50
Post secondary $11.50
Highschool or U18 $10
(Full access to the arcade for the whole day)
Members: $0
More information regarding about the membership can be found here
Become a member and save yourself big bucks!!
We open at 5:00 pm with all kind of games being played!!