Are you looking to play popular titles such as Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Do you want to build tournament experience with people of varying levels of skill? Vancouver Street Battle presents the Novice Tournament series. A place where players can choose to hone their skills or play casually in a face to face environment!
We will have a different featured tournament every week on top of our novice line up! This week is Luigi’s Mansion 3
Ban list –
(The players that are listed below are not allowed to participate at a Smash Ultimate Novice Tournament under any circumstances.)
Weekly Novice Tournaments (These tournaments will always be present at Novice Weeklies)
Smash Ultimate
Street Fighter V
Tekken 7
(Veterans are also welcome to join the casual sessions, in fact, we hope you guys can give some pointers to the players!)
The SFV tournament is restricted to players who are ranked in Bronze – Platinum
The Tekken 7 tournament is restricted to players who are ranked in Beginner 10 kyu – 11th dan (Berserker)
Smash Ultimate and Anime Fighters – Players who have never made Top 8 at the main weekly can participate.
*To graduate from Novice tournaments, you must use the same character(s) to win the tournament 3 times*
This tournament allows you to
-improve with players at or around your own league
-gain tournament experience
-a chance to learn from higher ranked players
-an opportunity to play on live stream and review your matches online
05:00 PM – Doors Open
07:00 PM – Featured Tournament
07:00 PM – Tekken 7 Novice Tournament
07:30 PM – Smash Ultimate Novice Tournament
08:00 PM – Street Fighter V Novice Tournament
12:00 AM – Closed
Admission (Regardless you are playing or spectating)
Regular $12.50
Post secondary $11.50
Highschool or U18 $10
Members: $0
Membership Fee: Regular $55
Post secondary $50
Highschool or U18 $45
(Become a member and save yourself big bucks!!)
More information regarding about the membership can be found here
We’re open from 5pm to 12am, so have all the fun you want!
Due to the increase amount of entrants for our tournaments, we have updated our general stream/tournament
schedule. The following regulations will be enforced starting Oct 24, 2018:
– PAID weeklies for Melee, Smash (Ultimate) and SFV will be 2 out of 3 until top 8, then 3 out of 5.
– PAID tournament matches during OKIZEME will be 2 out of 3 until Winners finals and Losers finals, then 3 out of
– ANY FREE tournament with less than 2 entrants will be cancelled.
– ANY PAID tournament (OKIZEME INCLUDED) with less than 5 entrants will be cancelled, participants will be given a
PARTIAL REFUND (TOURNAMENT FEE ONLY) if they wish to stay for casuals/other tournaments, or a FULL REFUND
(TOURNAMENT FEE + VENUE FEE) if they wish to leave immediately.
– The winner of ANY free tournament MUST claim their 1 free drink ON THE DAY OF WINNING.
Cannot be claimed on their next visit.