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Vancouver Street Battle

Canadian Pro Series – Season 2 – Smash Last Chance Qualifier

On November 3rd, 2019, we will be hosting the Last Chance Qualifiers for the Smash Ultimate and Melee which are part of the Canadian Pro Series Season 2 tour.

The top 7 players (ban list will be released after Oct 27th) who are qualified through CPS points in Season 2 will be banned from the qualifiers and the champion of the tournament qualifiers will be take the 8th spot in the CPS Finals that is being held The Gaming Stadium on Nov 11th, 2019.

Full details regarding about the series can be viewed in this link

While all of the Saturday weekly tournament remains, we will be live stream focused on the LCQ of the day.


12:00 PM Doors Open
01:00 PM Smash Ultimate Doubles
02:00 PM Melee Singles (last chance qualifier)
04:00 PM Smash Ultimate Singles (last chance qualifier)
10:00 PM Closed

Prize Pool:

Smash Ultimate Singles: $100
Super Smash Bros. Melee: $50
Smash Ultimate Doubles: Free Drinks to Winners


Smash Ultimate – Top 3 payout of – $60/30/10
Melee – Top 3 payout of – 30/15/5

Tournament Fee:

Smash Ultimate Doubles: $0
Smash Ultimate Singles: $2 Entry
Melee Singles: $2 Entry

Admission (Regardless you are playing or spectating)
Regular $12.50
Post secondary $11.50
Highschool or U18 $10
(Full access to the arcade for the whole day)


Get $3 discount drop-in fee by bringing a full Smash Ultimate setup
-Switch with Smash Ultimate Characters full unlocked
-Switch Dock
-Power Cord
-Gamecube Adapter

*We are only providing discount to the first 10 people who bring the FULL SETUP*

Membership Rate

Regular rate: $55
University Student: $50 (With Valid ID)
Highschool or U18 $45 (With Valid ID)

Become a member and save yourself big bucks!! Ask the staff for more details.

Smash Ultimate Ruleset

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Squad Strike Rule set:

-Tag Team Format
-Number of Fighters: 3 v 3
-Echo Clause: A player may not use both a character and their Echo on the same team

We are still open at 12:00 pm with all kind of games being played!!