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Vancouver Street Battle

The Best Novice Finale – Smash Ultimate

For months, Vancouver Street Battle has been hosting Novice Fridays for fresh new players to develop and hone their skills. To honor that, we present an event specifically designed to pay respect to the devoted Novice Smash Ultimate Players. Introducing the NOVICE PRO SERIES. It will play out similarly to the Canadian Pro Series circuit, but will have a unique spin that will keep both the players and spectators on their toes. The most elite players since the start of Smash Novices conception will be playing for bragging rights, glory, and prizes provided by Vancouver Street Battle
While the 11 spots are ever changing based on statistics, skill level and panel evaluation, the final 12th spot will be decided by a Last-Chance Qualifier event. This will most likely take place during a Smash Novice day with a week in advance of letting people know of this specific format of the day.
Unlike most tournaments ran at VSB, the approach to creating the bracket will be a more interactive and fun take for the players.
The process is as follows:
Players will be able to manipulate who their opponents are and their path in bracket.
They will be drawing their opponents tags through chance.
If they wish to not fight their first drawn opponent, they are allowed to redraw.
This can only happen ONCE however, their second draw MUST be their next opponent.
This process continues until the first stages of the bracket are formed
This is just a taste of what Vancouver Street Battle has planned for this event. Until then, be sure to attend Novice Fridays and secure your spot in this invitational!
(Casting for the event will be provided by Pryde and Gamble due to their casting experience and close ties to the Smash VSB Novice Community)
The list below shows the individuals that are guaranteed a spot because of their past performance: