Thank you so much for your time! Please introduce yourself, we want to know more about you.

My name is Josh, I recently joined the FGC scene here in Vancouver and still have much more to learn. I’m overall a very competitive player and enjoy helping other players improve their gameplay


When did you start playing fighting games? How did the start turn into something you play competitively?

It started when I played my first online fighting game called Rumble Fighter which was about 4 years ago during high school. It lead to other games such as Kwon Hwo and GGPO/Fightcade where I played SF 3rd Strike. None of this really started me to play competitively since I’ve always been a competitive player.

You were known for being a keyboard player, which was probably a surprise for most people. What do you feel are some of the advantages of using a keyboard over a pad or stick? Also, you were recently shown to be using a Hitbox controller. How does that feel transitioning from the keyboard?

Using a keyboard on PS4 to play fighting games doesn’t have much advantage over other devices. It was comfortable for me because I played fighting games on keyboard since the beginning. Your main advantage is the key inputs are a bit more comfortable and easier. The biggest disadvantage is that using a 3rd party adapter, you’ll always have some sort of input delay using keyboard on the PS4.

Since I’ve recently been using my new Hitbox stick, my inputs are way too fast and I’m not use to that. This isn’t a regular hitbox stick but it’s the same idea, the directional movements are the same layout on the keyboard W,A,S,D. I am still working on the transition from keyboard to Hitbox but I think this will improve my gameplay in the long run. However, I will still use the keyboard to play casuals to attract players and spectators.


Tell us about your character choice in Street Fighter V. What is it about this character that you like, and something about this character you feel the character can use more of?

My character choice was originally Ryu but I switch to Ken. Ken just fits my play style in general. He is good at offense; easy to pressure your opponent, and has a lot of mixups. Ken was perfectly fine in season 1 except the air tatsu hitboxes. He should of been able to maintain his same target combo properties but they were modified in season 2. It felt very rewarding to be able to whiff punish with Ken’s Lionbreaker combo, but with certain characters you can no longer use that moveset to punish.

What are some of your least favourite match ups to fight against, and for what reason?

My least favourite matchups are Dhalsim, Zangief, and Laura. 3 of these characters received very nice changes. Dhalsim does well against Ken because he is good at stopping offensive players and

Zangief and Laura are just frustrating to deal with because you will always have to guess in those matchups.


If you have to name a few players that you really enjoy watching, who would they be? Name about 2 or 3 please.

I enjoy watching Momochi and Daigo. Momochi is one of the best Ken in the world because his reactions and executions are beyond calculations.

Till this day, I still enjoy watching Daigo because of his 3rd strike Chun Li parry at EVO. Even though he is old, he is still one of the best in my eyes.

How do you train up and improve your skills as a player? What is your method for training?

I just keep playing till I encounter something that I haven’t seen before. Then I will head into training mode to find out what things I can do, this is what I usually do to improve my skills generally online. Just overall playing and studying your opponent’s mindset is usually both my methods of improving and training.


What do you feel about the Street Fighter V scene in Vancouver? What are some steps that the scene can do to improve?

To be honest, our Street Fighter V scene is extremely weak compared to other scenes, I’m not sure how it was like when Ultra Street Fighter 4 was around. But I am noticing that our players do not enjoy the game and are waiting for other fighting games to come out. I understand that but we should still try to stay relevant to the game; I don’t like the game but I still play it because I want to be relevant, I still have a competitive drive towards SFV, and it helps build social connections as well.

At the second Elements tournament, you managed to knock Nightmare2460 into loser’s bracket. Tell us about what was in your mind in the first match, and where things went wrong when you faced him again in the loser’s bracket.

Vsing Nightmare2460, I figure I would upgrade my defense in this match because I’m familiar with how he plays. In the first match, I was playing more patient than before because I wanted to take my time to attack. When I faced him again, I was already tilted from losing my previous match against Kyle P. By then Nightmare was already adapting to all my movements and I could not adjust properly due to my stubborness.

I’m going to give you a few words, and I want you to tell me what you feel are the most important to least important if you wish to improve. Also, tell us why your first choice is the most important.

Patience would be the most important for me, I feel as if I want to make it to the top and become relevant; I need to become more patient in my matches. Improving this trait would help me not become frustrated when I am fighting an opponent who is also playing patient.

The least importance would be self-reflection because I am able to learn very quickly of what I do wrong in my matches.

Game Knowledge
Mind Games

What advice would you give to an up and coming player who wants to start playing competitively?

Don’t rely on becoming relevant online. Online and offline are 2 different dimensions. Even if it takes too much effort, it gets boring, have the chance to go out and visit your local gaming scenes to adapt to the atomosphere so you can prepare yourself to play competitively.


Any last shoutouts? This part is all yours.

Scoothayabusa is trash. I would also like to thank VSB for supporting our local Vancouver scene and I hope we continue to grow.