Please introduce yourself! What is your name, and how long have you played competitively?

My name is Eric Brown. I have played melee competitively since December 2003.


Congratulations on winning Melee. What were some of the hardest matches for you in this tournament?

Thanks. The hardest matchups were definitely against Sion. It seemed like he was playing really well that day, but I still clutched it out.

What was on your mind when the grand finals was reset?

I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe I made that come back. Made me feel a lot better going into the next set.


Which character do you currently use, and what is it about this character that you like, and maybe hate if you have any reasons to? 

I currently use Falco because I feel most comfortable with him. You can play both defensively and offensively with Falco, so basically you’re setting the pace of how you want to play the match. I hate his recovery, but I work with it really well with shortened forward b’s and good angles with up B.



Which characters do you hate fighting the most?

I hate fighting Peach because you have to be really careful with her Down smash and approach with caution or else you lose a stock or 60%.

How do you currently feel about the Melee scene in Vancouver?

I feel that the scene has gotten a lot bigger and better since EVO 2013, especially with weeklies and big tournaments hosted by UBC and VSB. I have high hopes that the scene here will only get bigger from there.


 Do you currently play Smash 4 as well? If yes, what are your current thoughts on that game? If no, what are your reasons for not playing it?

I played smash 4 for a while when it first come out on the DS and Nintendo Wii U. Then one day the game broke on my Wii U and I had no interest in practicing. I participated in a few tournaments, but in general, I wanted to focus more on melee since it’s bigger here in BC. I think Smash 4 is better than Brawl, but I think the game itself won’t last very long competitively. 

Do you have any plans on picking up another fighting game?

No I don’t, because school keeps me busy most of the time and when I have free time. I want to make sure I sharpen my skills in Melee.

 Are there any particular top Melee players that you watch and learn from?

I watch Mango, PPMD, Westballz, and other top Falco players that I can get ideas off from.

 What do you think is the reason behind Melee’s outstanding popularity in the competitive gaming scene?

Like I said earlier; EVO 2013 was the main reason of Melee’s fame to rise. Also, the smash documentary (search on YouTube) describes the Melee scene very well and got many players interested in competing.