VSB @ EVO2019 Results

VSB @ EVO2019 Results

Aug 10 airryu  
Results for the majority of the VSB members repping at #EVO2019
Congrats to everyone’s placement
@OffbeatRhyme @WindGodDude @christian_lim @SCHOW223 @VanDrunkSuika @LTL_YVR @OracleAnthony @RooterMcgavin @SuplexPlus @BlastCero @TheRealWongTime @Kyros_01 @Mekiath @123brucep @theheroicblade @Longurr @TekkenDio @MortsyFGC @its_russell @FinalFlash_YVR @togashiazrael @Gawd_dam @SeaCowz @Pawnce_LoL @SC_vivianna
A lot of tags are missing, go ahead and fill in yourself if you do have a twitter handle!
Train hard and prepare yourself next year!