Introducing Vancouver Street Battle’s brand new monthly series for FIFA 19, Kick Off. This tournament will be played on Playstation 4 with head to head setup (you don’t need to share the screen with your opponent) and it will be live streamed on our main stream channel @
05:00 pm – Door Opens
07:00 pm – FIFA Tournament Starts (registration ends)
11:00 pm – Close
Rule set & format:
-Settings: Standard settings
-Match durance: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
-Game speed: Normal
-Level: World Class
-All matches should be played as a Friendly Match
-Only tactical defense is allowed.
-Forbidden to use custom formations, only the standard formations are allowed to be used.
-Both Club and National teams are allowed to be used.
-Changing teams within the tournament is allowed.
-In the event of a tie both sides must play extra time and penalties.
-Round of 16 through to Semi Finals – non-consecutive Home/Away (i.e BO2) matches. The aggregate scores are added and golden goal and a penalty shoot out will determine the winner if scores are equal after both games
-Finals – Best of 3 to decide the game winner with the winner needing 2 of the 3 matches to win.
1.) VSB Custom Medal
2.) $25 visa gift card
3.) VSB T-shirt
Admission (Regardless you are playing or spectating)
Regular $12.50
Post secondary $11.50
Highschool or U18 $10
(Full access to the arcade for the whole day)
Membership Rate
Regular rate: $55
University Student: $50 (With Valid ID)
Highschool or U18 $45 (With Valid ID)
Member allows you
-to go in and out of VSB venue free for 30 days
-get a free drink per visit
-1 hr free VR session
-50% venue off VSB Monthly event
Membership is valid for 30 days
Tournament Fee: $0
Become a member and save yourself big bucks!!