Smash Ultimate Launch Event on Dec 9th

Smash Ultimate Launch Event on Dec 9th

Dec 03 airryu  
It’s finally here! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on switch!
On Dec 9th, 2018, Vancouver Street Battle will be hosting a launch event. With only two days of practice, it will be interesting to see where everyone’s level is and who will be our first “Grand Champion” for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?
This will also be a good chance for players who haven’t invested in the game or a Nintendo Switch to try out the game!
Melee will also be at this event as well with no live stream.
There will be friendlies before and after the tournament.
There will be a 128 players capped for Ultimate.
There will be a 32 players capped for Melee.
12:00 PM – Doors Open
01:00 PM – Smash Ultimate Doubles
02:00 PM – Melee Singles
03:00 PM – Smash Ultimate Singles
10:00 PM – Closed
Doubles: Custom Medals to Champion Team
1st Place – Custom Trophy
2nd Place – Custom Trophy
3rd Place – Custom Trophy
Melee – $50 Payout to Top 3 – 35/10/5
Tournament Fee:
Ultimate Doubles: $0
Ultimate Singles: $0
Melee Singles: $2
Drop-In Fee
Get $3 discount drop-in fee by bringing a Nintendo Switch+Dock with the game (Full setup)
Regular rate: $10
Members: 0
Become a member and save yourself big bucks!! Ask the staff for more details.
We are still open at 10:00 pm with all kind of games being played!!