This month the Okizeme #9 tournament will have unique charity theme. has committed to giving winners $100 each to donate to any Canadian charity they want. In order to qualify for Okizeme #9’s charity tournament you must sign up for a free CHIMP account so that we can P2P the prize money into your CHIMP account. CHIMP will also be providing 5 custom medals to the winners of SFV, DBFZ, Tekken 7, BBCTB and GG!

What is CHIMP? CHIMP lets you manage all your charitable giving on one easy to use FREE platform. You can add money to your free CHIMP account, give to any Canadian charity and get an instant tax receipt. CHIMP has no fees and the accounts are free, their mission is to empower people to make charity a part of their every day life. When you sign up for a CHIMP account for the Okizema #9 charity tournament you’ll also get $5 in charity money for free from CHIMP. Good luck!

To sign up for CHIMP & claim your $5 gift here >

Casual matches before and after the tournaments! Lots of setups available on the premises, come join us even if you just want to play casually or watch at this event!


Full results of this event can be viewed @