Nintendo Fest #3

Nintendo Fest #3

Aug 18 airryu  
Nintendo Fest #3 is happening on August 19th! This time we will substitute Mario tennis with Mario Kart and removed Mario Tennis.
We will also have a secondary stream provided by Canadianjoysticks! This way we can capture more footages for you to review and show your friends!
The VSB (Vancouver Street Battle) Nintendo-fest is a event that will be hosted monthly at VSB. The event will consist of the following games for individuals to compete: Smash 4, Splatoon 2, and Mario Kart.
Come meet new friends who play share the same hobbies!
*Splatoon 2 players* If you do not have a team, we will do our best to put you in a team with other free agents available at the premises! If unfortunately that we cannot find you a team, we will full refund your entry fee if you wish to not stay at the venue”
There will be friendlies before and after the tournaments!
Do you want to meet friends who play share the same hobbies? Have you played against players you don’t know in any of these games? This event is your chance to play and meet new players!
Pre-registration ends on August 18th 11 PM. At the door price will be $15. Pre-Reg link @
12:00 – Doors Open
01:30 – Splatoon 2 (8 Teams Capped)
03:00 – Mario Kart
04:00 – Sm4sh
10:00 – Closed
Splatoon 2:
1st place (Gold Custom Medals for the whole team)
2nd place (Silver Custom Medals for the whole team)
$100 Prize Pool Top 3 payout of $60/30/10
Mario Kart:
1st Place (Gold Custom Medal)
Spectator Fee: $10
Pre-Registration Fee: $10 (Ends on August 17th 11 PM PST)
Drop in Fee: $15
Tournament Fee:
Splatoon 2: $5 per player ($20 for the whole team)
Sm4sh Singles: $5 per player
Mario Kart: Free Entry
We can use 16 full setup with switch + dock + game (splatoon 2/mario kart)! You will get $3 off of drop in fee!
The more setups we have the more games we can play!
Platinum :
Regular rate: $50
University Student: $45
High School Student: $40
Members allows you
-to go in and out of VSB venue free for 30 days
-get a free drink per visit
-1 hr free VR session twice a month
Membership is valid for 30 days
Become a member and save yourself big bucks!!
Splatoon 2
Double elimination bracket
Set map rotation
Players in teams of 4 will be entered into a double elimination bracket. Game modes will also depend on which ones are banned from a poll beforehand of the tournament. The stage rotation will also be published a week before the tournament.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:
Single Elimination Pools
All items are on
4 Race Grand Prix
Random Stage selection
Players will have a choice to use motion controls or stick controls. Each individual player will be placed in a pool with a group of 10 (Depending on player turnout) The top 2 players with the most points proceeds to the next phase of the tournament. Remaining players are eliminated.
Sm4sh 4:
Double elimination bracket
Smash 4 Ruleset: