Saturday Event on July 14th

Saturday Event on July 14th

Jul 09 airryu  

Since we are closing on July 15th (Sunday), we will be moving SFV main weekly to this Saturday’s line up.
The Melee entry fee has also changed as “free entry” for only this Saturday due to Shinespike. If you have not registered and are planning to participate in this event, please pre-register now to save yourself $ at the door.
There isn’t many Saturdays left until EVO starts, therefore, for players who will be attending EVO, don’t miss out on any VSB Saturdays! The best day of the week to get your practices in!

There will be casuals before and after the tournaments!

Live stream link @


12:00 PM: Door Opens
01:00 PM: Melee Doubles
03:00 PM: Melee Singles
04:00 PM: BlazBlue Cross Tag
04:30 PM :UnderNight-IN Birth
06:00 PM: Guilty Gear Rev 2
06:15 PM: Dragon Ball FighterZ
08:00 PM: Tekken 7
08:30 PM: Street Fighter V AE
12:00 AM: Closed

Tournament Prize:

Melee Doubles: Free Drinks to Champion Team
Melee Singles: $20 to Champion
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – Free Drink or 2 Raffle Tickets to Champion
Dragon Ball FighterZ: Free Drink or 2 Raffle Tickets to Champion
Guilty Gear Rev 2: Free Drink or 2 Raffle Tickets to Champion
Tekken 7: $60 Prize Pool
Street Fighter V: $60 Prize Pool

All free drinks or raffle tickets must be claimed the day of

Drop In Fee:

$10 (Full access to the arcade for the whole day)


Platinum :
Regular rate: $50
University Student: $45
High School Student: $40

Platinum member allows you
-to go in and out of VSB venue free for 30 days
-get a free drink per visit
-1 hr free VR session twice a month

Tournament Fee:

Melee Doubles: Free Entry
Melee tournament Fee: Free Entry
UNIST: Free Entry
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: Free Entry
Guilty Gear Rev 2: Free Entry
Tekken 7: $5 Entry
DBFZ Singles: Free Entry
Street Fighter V: $5 Entry

*Players who bring a PS4 will receive $3 off discount* (Only the first 3 PS4 we use)

Melee Rules: