Okizeme 起き攻め #6 Full Results

Okizeme 起き攻め #6 Full Results

Jun 01 airryu  

Vancouver Street Battle’s 6th Fighting Game Monthly, Okizeme #6 will be happening on June 30th, Saturday! 7 gaming titles with 12 hours of gaming actions with cash prize pool! No free tournaments, it’s time to put your skills to the test!

*This is also a special event to the winner of Dragon Ball FighterZ will receive a free flight to Alberta Beat Down 2018 that is happening on 24th-26th. Winner will also be playing an exhibition match against Edmonton’s best player.*

Casual matches before and after the tournaments! Lots of setups available on the premises, come join us even if you just want to play casually or watch at this event!

We will be also streaming CEO the whole day!

Hi everyone, we have added Beat Saber to this coming Okizeme on June 30th!

If you are planning to come to Okizeme anyways, you are eligible to join the Beat Saber tournament!

Full details here! https://smash.gg/tournament/vrmageddon-june-2018

Pre-register to help increase the prize pool for your favorite game!

One free Red Bull for each participant!

We will have a secondary stream thanks to Canadian Joysticks!

Pre register now to save yourself $5-10 from venue fee!!

Okizeme 6 was by far the biggest turnout with the most attendees that included players who came for casuals/friendlies and players who attended the tournaments!

Full Results can be viewed at https://smash.gg/tournament/okizeme6

Beat Saber Tournament

UnderNight Top 3 – 1.) Subrosian 2.) DrunkSuika 3.) WindGodDude

Beat Saber Tournament + Participants

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Top 3 – 1.) LTL 2.) WindGodDude 3.) Cakooh

SFVAE 4th Place – Shades_BR

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Top 4 – 1.) Volcano Bonestorm 2.) SLAM 3.) LTL 4.) Sun Jing

Dragon Ball FighterZ Top 3 – 1.) SLAM 2.) Bruce 3.) Fergus

SFVAE Top 3 – 1.) CeroBlast 2.) Patby 3.) PB_Geki

Tekken 7 Top 3 – 1.) j[o]nch009 2.) Gabb_1 3.) JPineda