UnderDogs FGC Edition Full Results

UnderDogs FGC Edition Full Results

May 20 airryu  
It’s back everyone. Vancouver Street Battle is hosting Underdogs once again on June 9th, 2018.
Underdogs is a tournament where top players who are determined by the community and the organizers are banned from entering. This is to make sure everyone in the Vancouver fighting game community has a chance to gain the title of a VSB champion! We will be hosting our usual games, come out and get your chance to win yourself a new title.
As this is the first time we are hosting Underdogs in the new VSB location, players who have won events from previous VSB events are still eligible to join this tournament. Therefore, a brand new ban list will be created by the tournament organizers based on players’ performances. Although the community can also voice their opinions on who should be banned, the final decision will be made by VSB staff.
Players who win this tournament will be banned from future Underdogs tournaments for a period of time, pending on organizers’ discretion.
Full Results can be viewed HERE
(There will also be a Free-To-Join BlazBlue Cross Tag Launch Event. The champion will get a custom trophy!)
The following player will be banned for this event:
Street Fighter V:
Dragon Ball FighterZ:
Tekken 7
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2:
-Drunk Suika
12:00 – Doors Open
01:00 – UnderNight
02:00 – BlazBlue
03:00 – Dragon Ball FighterZ
05:00 – Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
05:30 – Cross Tag
06:00 – Tekken 7
07:00 – Street Fighter V
12:00 – Closed

Tekken 7 Top 4 – 1.) Gabriel 2.) SigmaMu 3.) Jordan 4.) JiHo

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Top 3 – 1.) LTL 2.) Clim 3.) Impulse

DBFZ Top 4 – 1.) ShadyCambo 2.) Fong 3.) FrozenHusky 4.) nagai

UNIST Top 3 – 1.) Timon 2.) Farm 3.) ampatron

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Top 3 – 1.) Nagai 2.) badguy 3.) Timon

SFV Top 4 – 1.) Daddygail 2.) White Gun 3.) Ekc 4.) Tofu