Final Fantasy Dissida NT Tournament

Final Fantasy Dissida NT Tournament

Apr 01 airryu  
Vancouver Street Battle will be hosting their very first Final Fantasy Dissidia NT tournament. This is a chance to compete with your team of 3!
You can bring your own team mates or if you do not have team mates, you can be a free agent and team with other available free agents on site.
This is a chance to meet local players, new friends who share the same hobbies and to show off your skills in the game!
The tournament will be live streamed and uploaded on our youtube channel @ and
*We would need help from the community to bring in at least 3 PS4 that has PSN+ account and Final Fantasy Dissidia NT game*
The tournament format:
-3 vs 3 team
-each player will be played on their individual setup connected to an ethernet cable (monitor+ps4)
-you will be sitting next to your team mates
Tournament Rule Set:
Stage select: Random
Winning Team must stay the same characters but can change sub EX Skills depending on the map stage.
Loser can change what they need.
Settings are set to default for timer.
2/3 sets, but played in single game format in the lobby so changes can be made.
Pricing & Fees:
Venue Fee: $10 (Full access to the arcade from open to closing)
FFNT Tournament Fee: $5 per person
Winning team will get a custom medal (one for each player) and on top a PSN gift card (amount will be determined closer to the event date)
About VSB Membership
Platinum :
Regular rate: $50
Student: $45
High School Student: $40
Platinum member allows you
-to go in and out of VSB venue free for 30 days (Does not apply to monthly tournaments, you get 50% off venue for monthly tournaments)
-get a free drink per visit
-1 hr free VR session twice a month
Gold: Regular rate: $15
Gold member allows you -to get $5 off venue per visit
Both Membership is valid for 30 days
Become a member and save yourself big bucks!!