Okizeme 起き攻め #4 Full Results

Okizeme 起き攻め #4 Full Results

Mar 05 airryu  

Vancouver Street Battle’s FGC fourth monthly tournament will be happening on March 24th! 7 tournaments, 12 hours of gaming action! No free tournaments, it’s time to put your skills to the test! Okizeme #4!!

Okizeme 3 was such a huge success! It’s the biggest Okizeme yet, in terms of participants! Let’s see if we can break the record for the 4th one!

Casual matches before and after the tournaments! Lots of setups available on the premises, come join us even if you just want to play casually or watch at this event!

Receive an extra VSB raffle ticket for every game registered at Okizeme!

Full Results can be viewed here


SFVAE Top 3 1.) Ranks 2.) CeroBlast 3.) PB_Geki

SkullGirls 2nd Encore Top 2 1.) KPB | Leo 2.) Jesuscatface

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Top 3 1.) WindGodDude 2.) LTL 3.) Clim

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Top 3 1.) Clim 2.) JiveTurkey 3.) Slash Copy

Dragon Ball FighterZ Top 4 1.) SLAM 2.) Clim 3.) Bruce 4.) Shadycambo

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Top 2 1.) Jericho 2.) Gokujin