Okizeme #3 Full Results

Okizeme #3 Full Results

Feb 05 airryu  
Okizeme 3 was a success! We got more attendees than the first and second Okizeme! Full Results can be viewed HERE
Vancouver Street Battle’s FGC third monthly tournament. No free tournaments, it’s time to put your skills to the test! Okizeme #3!!
We had a great turnout with Okizeme 1 and a even bigger turnout with Okizeme 2! We had special guests, Nakkiel and Kizzy Kay, two of the best Anime fighters in North America last time and we expect Nakkiel for showing up again for Okizeme 3! Is anyone going to stop him from winning Dragon Ball FighterZ!? This time we will replace UnderNight with Skullgirls!
Casuals before and after the tournaments! Lots of setups available at the premises, come join us even if you just want to play casuals or watch at this event!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Top 4 1.) SLAM 2.) Clim 3.) LTL 4.) Air

BlazBlue Top 3 1.) Kryos 2.) Clim 3.) Jive Turkey

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Top 2 1.) White Gun 2.) Costa

Street Fighter V Top 3 1.) CeroBlast 2.) Raoh 3.) Ranks

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Top 3 1.) LTL 2.) WindGodDude 3.) Clim