Dairantou #2

Dairantou #2

Feb 05 airryu  
Dairantou #2 was a huge success! It is our first time hosting Project M at the new location and we had 23 entrants! Congratz to Espi’s outstanding performance for taking the crowd for Melee Singles, Melee doubles and even Project M singles! Full results can be viewed HERE 
VSB’s second Smash monthly, DAIRANTOU 大乱闘 #2 Vancouver Street Battle that includes a big prize pool for both Melee and Sm4sh No free tournaments, it’s time to put your skills into test!
Casuals before and after the tournaments! Lots of setups available at the premises, come join us even if you just want to play casuals or watch at this event!

Melee Singles – Top 4 1.) Espi 2.) Fauxhebro 3.) BeeWesley 4.) KyleShield

Project M – Top 3 1.) Espi 2.) Polo 3.) Fashroomp

Sm4sh Singles – Top 4 1.) Big D 2.) Zak 3.) Kantrip 4.) Legit247

Sm4sh Doubles Top 2 1.) BigD+Zak 2.)Lemmon+Kantrip