Okizeme Full Results

Okizeme Full Results

Dec 31 airryu  

Vancouver Street Battle’s FGC new monthly series Okizeme happened on the 30th of Dec, 2017.

Titles include Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Rev 2, BlazBlue Central Fiction, UnderNight In Birth-exe[st], Tekken 7 and Ultra Street Fighter 4!

The full results can be viewed HERE


Ultra Street Fighter 4 Top 3 Winners (Left) Orikasa 3rd (Middle) Schowder 1st (Right) Clim

UnderNight Top 3 Winners (Left) 2nd MIRISHITA_PLAYER (Middle) 1st Clim (Right) 3rd thesubrosian

Tekken 7 Top 3 Winners (Left) 1st j[o]nch009 (Middle) 2nd Jericho (Right) 3rd SigmaMu

Street Fighter V (Left) 2nd Bruce (Middle) 1st CeroBlast (Right) 3rd Geki

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 (Left) 2nd WindGodDude (Middle) 1st LTL (Right) 3rd MIRISHITA_PLAYER

BlazBlue Central Fiction Top 3 Winners (Left) 2nd Clim (Middle) 2nd MIRISHITA_PLAYER (Right) 3rd Kyros