SMASH 64 Monthly #2

SMASH 64 Monthly #2

Dec 26 airryu  
Vancouver Street Battle is hosting the 2nd Smash 64 the 2nd monthly on Jan 6, 2018. Come join the tournament to test your skills and meet new players! Free casuals before and after tournament!
12:00 PM: Doors Open
03:00 PM: Smash 64 Singles
Tournament fee: $5 per player
Prize Pool: $50
Top 2 $35/$15
Drop in fee:
Regular Rate: $10
Members: $0
Find out more information about the VSB membership here
Become a member and save yourself big bucks!!
We are still open at 12:00 pm with all kind of games being played!!
Smash Tournament format:
Round robin format and 2-3 players from each pool qualify.
General Tournament Rules:
Sets will be:
Best of 3 in bracket/pools
Best of 5 in losers/winners/grand finals
Melee Rules:
– No coaching in between matches
– Can RPS for port priority
Round Robin Tie Breaking:
Standings will be ranked by wins. In the event of a tie the following tie breakers will be applied:
1) Games won
2) Differential between games won vs games lost
3) Head to head match up between players